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Central Ohio's Premier Truck Pulling Circuit!

Central Ohio Truck Pull Circuit LLC

2021 Results for all Classes

Click the COTPC logo to the left for the results!

Link will open up in Google Sheet or will download at the bottom of your browser. Please find your class across the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

NOTE: Please include circuit number on all sign-ups at all locations! By not doing so will result in loss of points!

Points & Awards

A. Points

  1. The COTPC LLC will award points based on the finish position of the truck that is a paid member.
  2. Hooks points will be given to a truck that has legally entered the event. (10 hook points given)
  3. The following point system will be used for the COTPC LLC points:

1. 16 place points + 10 hook points = 26 points

2. 14 place points + 10 hook points = 24 points

3. 12 place points + 10 hook points = 22 points

4. 10 place points + 10 hook points = 20 points

5. 8 place points + 10 hook points = 18 points

6. 6 place points + 10 hook points = 16 points

7. 4 place points + 10 hook points = 14 points

8. 2 place points + 10 hook points = 12 points

9. 7 place points + 10 hook points = 10 points

10th place - 10 hook points will be awarded

  1. All points are awarded to the vehicle, and not the driver. Must have their COTPC LLC number on the entry form. Failure to do so will result in no points for that truck. **This WILL be ENFORCED**
  2. Lowest two (2) COTPC LLC pull will be dropped.
  3. Abuse of the COTPC LLC passes will result in revocation of the pass for the remainder of the season.
  4. A truck with a COTPC LLC membership number must have at least 50 points in order to receive a pass for the next year.
  5. The fee will admit the driver and one other person into the pull for free. It is only one pass per entry. The two people MUST enter the gate at the same time.