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6000# Two Wheel Drive Trucks

  • Weight of Pulling vehicle plus Driver is 6000 Lbs 
  • Truck shall not be any longer than 15 ft from center of rear axle to front of chassis with the exception of 12” over length for cosmetic fiberglass only.

    a. No steel structure, reinforcement, bumpers, weights past 15 ft, with the exception of a tow hook.
    b. No additional weight can be added to the front nose of bodies in front of actual chassis
    c. Chassis may be fabricated metal like that of a modified tractor or modified OEM 1 ton or larger frame 

    Body must resemble that of an OEM truck, T- Bucket style bodies are permitted but must have fenders covering rear tires

    a. All pulling vehicles must have a bed, if bed floor has been removed then bed must be covered
    b. Bed should cover at least 90% of rear tires
    c. All vehicles must have a presentable bed 

    Tires can be NO larger than 18.4 x 16.1 - 

    No chains or duals allowed
  • All exhaust must discharge vertically - No rain caps 
  • All trucks are required to have a safety kill switch located at rear of vehicle with a 2” attachment loop

    a. Kill Switch must be located in the rear center of truck (Maximum 12” off center)

    Driveshaft loops are required on all trucks and to be at least ¾” wide and made of ⅜” aluminum or 5/16” steel.

    a. No vehicle will be permitted to pull with more than 18” between loops. End loops cannot be over 12” from the u-joint cover.
    b. Driveshaft U-Joint covers are required on all u-joints and must cover 360 degrees of u-joint, covers must be at least 6” wide and made of either 5/16” steel or ⅜” aluminum
    c. If driveshaft brake is used it must be covered 360 degrees including caliper and must be on rear axle pinion not rear of trans.
    d. All driveline shield components must be tethered on each end by two opposing restraints. Tethers must attach at 180 degrees of each other and a minimum of 3” and a maximum of 6” from each end of each driveline shield component. Tether to be constructed of a minimum of 2” wide by ⅛” thick nylon or polyester strap. Tethers must connect to frame with a minimum ⅜” grade 8 bolt.

    Harmonic Balancers with SFI certification do not require any additional shielding

    a. NON SFI certified balancers are required to have shielding 360 degrees around the balancer of at least ¼” steel and is full width of balancer and front straps of at least 1⁄4” steel and covering at least 1⁄2 to prevent forward motion of balancer. Shielding must be securely attached to the engine.
    b. Hubs are required to be shielded/covered in case of crankshaft breakage

    Engine is limited to 500 cubic inches

    a. Engines are to be Naturally Aspirated, no external or internal power adders (ie. superchargers, blowers, turbos)
    b. No 5 inch bore spaced engines allowed.
    c. 1% allowance on cubic inch limit
    d. Any combination of heads and intakes allowed
    e. Engine may be carbureted or mechanical fuel injection

    Acceptable fuels are gasoline, alcohol, methanol.

    a. Absolutely no diesel fuel, propane, nitromethane, nitrous oxide, oxygenated fuels
    b. No nitro based top lube allowed

     Hitch height is 30”, measured from a flat level surface to the top of hitch point.

    a. Drawbar must have a steel hitching device no less than 1” thick and capable of accepting the most current hook. (currently 3” wide x 3 ½” long)
    b. Hitch must be rigid in all directions and solidly mounted. c. Hitch point must be clearly visible and painted WHITE with 9” of clearance from the center of the hook on either side and 12” clearance above the hook.
    d. Absolutely NO reese style hitches
    e. No cables, chains or clevises are allowed to be used in the hitching device
    f. From point of hitch to center of rear axle must be no less than 18”
    g. Hitch must remain set at 30” before, during and after pull or disqualification will result 

    Transmission & Clutch

    a. All vehicles running an automatic trans must run an SFI certified flexplate.
    b. All automatic transmissions must run an SFI certified 4.1 safety blanket and must cover torque convertor section of bellhousing as well as gear section.
    c. All vehicles running clutch must run a steel or billet aluminum flywheel, NO cast iron flywheel
    d. Vehicles running clutch must have Steel bellhousing

    All safety equipment is required as stated in General Rules

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