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6200# Light Pro Gas

Engines & Drivetrain

  • Blocks and heads must be cast iron.

  • Aluminum intakes, and single four-barrel carburetors permitted.

  • Dominator carburetors permitted. No split or stretch carburetors are allowed. Turbos, superchargers, injections, EFI, split or dual carburetors, sheet metal, tunnel ram or box intakes are NOT permitted.

  • Up right headers are permitted.

  • Engine must be same make as truck and in stock location.

  • 514 cu. In. Limit.

  • Transmission and transfer case must be OEM, 1 ton or less.

  • Front and rear axles must be OEM, 1 ton or less.

  • Rear of engine block must be a minimum of 14 inches from centerline of the front axle

  • No fuel injection or throttle bodies unless factory equipped on the body model year of the truck.

  • No traction control

  • No dry sump engine


  • Full length and width OEM frame must extend to rear bed bolts.

  • Traction bars are permitted.

  • Solid Suspension

  • Crew cab and extended cab trucks are permitted


  • Front weights and brackets may not extend more than 195 inches forward from the center of rear axle.

  • This measurement is used to compensate for allowing longer wheelbase trucks to compete.


  • Hitch point must be a minimum of 48” from the center of the rear axle and a maximum of 24 inches high.

  • Hitch can be adjustable, but it must be stationary in all directions when pulling. Draw bar pivot point can’t extend forward past the center point of rear axle. No part of the hitch may extend above 3” above the factory frame height. Clevis needs to be welded

Harmonic Balancer

  • All engines turning more than 4500 RPM must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or dampener meeting SFI Spec 18.1.


  • Must have complete factory sheet metal no aluminum, OEM, dash, and windows in entire cab must be glass. Must be full size truck body, EXAMPLE (NO S-10, RANGER, DAKOTA, etc.). Plugs must be shielded by inner fenders.

  • Must have complete factory bed floor in stock location. Tailgate is not required.

  • No flat beds are permitted.

  • Fiberglass hoods and hood scoops permitted.

  • Batteries and fuel tanks are permitted out front. Fuel tanks must be securely mounted. Batteries must be concealed and securely mounted.


  • Any street legal dot approved tire is permitted.

  • Maximum tire size: 35/12.50

  • No cut or sharpened tires allowed.

  • No duals front or rear. No front dual spacers permitted.


All safety equipment is required as stated in General Rules

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