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8000# Workstock Diesel

  • Trucks are limited to street legal stock appearing Diesel trucks with 4x4 weighing a maximum of 8000 lbs.

  • Hanging weight is permitted and must be on a bracket and not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front axle. No weight boxes or covers.

  • OEM truck body with full street trim and complete interior. Working 4 wheel brakes. Must use DOT street tires. No Real Wheels. Single tires only, no duals wheels permitted. No hand throttles. 

  • Engine, T-case and axles must be from a 1 ton or less. Air-to-Air intercoolers, Radiator and Battery must be in factory location. No filled blocks or cylinder heads. Engine and cylinder head must circulate coolant. No air to water intercoolers except newer Fords 6.7s that came factory equipped.

  • Must use factory block and head castings. No aftermarket blocks or heads. No aftermarket intakes or runner intakes. Factory intake shelf must remain. No deck plates.

  • Fuel injection pumps are limited to 1 plunger per cylinder. Dual CP3 are allowed. No AG GOVERNORS.

  • Turbo is limited to 1 stock appearing factory make specific turbo that measures 2.5 bore before and after map grove. No S400 turbos or turbo parts are allowed. No forward facing map groves. Map grove must be perpendicular to bore and in factory stock location. Air must turn 90 degrees in map grove. Map grove must not exceed .200 max at face of wheel. Map grove must be in factory location. Ford 6.4 may use factory setup with no modifications. Turbos will be checked with a 2.550 plug and map grove will also be checked. All pullers will make the turbo accessible to tech official.

  • Exhaust must exit behind cab, turn ups required on tail pipes. 

  • (Updated for 2024) - Any non factory external wastegate - must be vented into the downpipe within 12 inches from exhaust pipe clamp on back of turbo. Absolutely no venting into atmosphere.

  • Cross bolts are required with no exceptions. Driveshaft loops are required at the front and rear axle.

  • Rear suspension may be blocked solid with removable blocks. All factory suspension mounting points must stay intact and be used. Ladder bars are permitted and must have 2 points of contact. No center pinion links and no bars or links mounted above centerline of axle. Must have straps around ladder bars. No bars are permitted to be used from hitch to axle. No frame trusses.

  • Max Tire Size: 35/12.50

  • Receiver style hitch must be used. Hitch must be horizontal to the ground and stationary in all directions. No hanging or swinging Clevis. Reinforcements are permitted and must not be forward of the centerline of the axle. No part of the hitch can be higher than top of frame. Hitch height is 24 inches. Hook point must be a minimum of 44 inches from center of axle to hook point.

  • No water injection and no nitrous, no pressurized bottles are allowed on truck. No spraying of water on intercooler. No use of ice, period.

  • Working kill switch or turbo guillotine is required and will be enforced. Failure to have either one will result in a DQ  

All safety equipment is required as stated in General Rules

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