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Booking Information

Classes Offered

Promoters can choose any of the classes listed below. 

8000# Workstock Diesel

6200# Light Pro Gas

8000# 2.6 Diesel

6500# Pro Stock Gas

8000# Open/RWYB

6350# Modified

8000# 3.0 Diesel

6500# Limited Street Gas

Promotors can also add any classes outside of COTPC to their entertainment line-up. 

We ask that you work with Dennis and Bridgett for the best place to put the other classes within our classes. 

What you get when COTPC comes to your location

Entry Clerk (Bridgett Shoemaker)

  • Entry equipment and forms

  • Collect driver registration fee on behalf of The Promoter

  • Provide class line-up and work closely with pullers, announcer and promoter to keep the show moving

  • Entries open one hour before pull starts

  • Start-up cash for entries

Competition Director (Dennis Long)

  • Start and Finish Flags

  • Limer

  • Foot Markers

  • Track Layout Equipment

Tech Official (Gavin Knisley)

  • Turbo Plug

  • Hitch Height Stand

  • Copies of class, safety and general rules.

Pricing & Payouts

Pricing & Fees

$750 + $100 per class - Sanctioning Fee 

Minimum Payouts

$1000 per class payable to winners

  • All classes have the same minimum payout.

  • The promoter can add to the payouts.

  • If there aren’t 6 in the class, the money goes back to the promoter.

  • Can be cash or check

1st place - $300

2nd place - $250

3rd place - $200

4th place - $125

5th place - $75

6th place - $50

Additional Costs to Promotor

Promoter contacts whoever they want for these services:

Sled - can use any sled of promoters choice

Announcer - can use any announcer of promoters choice

Insurance - we are a rider under promoters policy.

Equipment and volunteers to work the track

Cancellation Policy

  • If the Promoter decides to cancel the pull for any reason, including inclement weather or cancellation of the pull altogether, please contact COTPC as soon as possible.

  • No payment is due until the conclusion of the event.

  • The promoter does not have to pay any down-payment for the date to be held.

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