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6350#  Modified

  • Fire suits are required minimum SFI 3.2. In flip top bodied vehicles without a firewall or working doors, the driver will be required to wear an SFI approved suit. Fireproof gloves, fireproof head sock and fireproof shoes must meet SFI spec. 3.3. All helmets must meet Snell 90 minimum or SFI Spec. 31.1, 31.2, 41.1, 41.2. Helmets with socks built in are permitted.

  • No batteries are allowed in the cab of the vehicle unless they are in a marine battery box and secured to the vehicle frame.

  • All vehicles must have a starter interrupter switch that will allow starter engagement only in neutral or park position on a transmission gear selector.

  • Drivers must be seated and in control of the pulling vehicle any time the motor is started or running.

  • Maximum weight with the driver is 6350#

  • No cubic inch limit

  • Any automotive type engine, must be naturally aspirated with only two valves per cylinder.

  • Rear of engine block can be no farther forward than the centerline of the front axle.

  • Maximum bore spacing allowed is 5.00

  • Engine must be behind the grill

  • Front weights may not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front axle. No loose weights allowed in cab or under hood allowed.

  • All vehicles must have complete firewall

  • Planetary axles are permitted.

  • Tube frames are permitted.

  • Axle shields are required. Shield to be .060? thickness steel or aluminum. Shield not to be mounted to axle ends or hub bolts. A single hole may be cut in one to allow locking in of hubs.

  • Maximum wheelbase is 133? on all Modified 4x4 trucks. Wheels must be centered in wheel wells. Body must lengthened or shortened between cab and rear wheel wells, to maintain rear wheels centered in rear wheel well. Plus or minus 1 either way.

  • Maximum tire size to be 112? circumference when inflated to 30psi with original bar, not to exceed 18 in width before cutting.

  • Front tow hitch will be strong enough to push, pull or pick up the vehicle. A maximum of 1.25 thickness will be allowed and can?t stick out more than 6". A round 3" hole is required in front tow hitch.

  • Clear plexi-glass or factory tint glass permitted.

  • No mud flaps or dirt deflectors will be permitted.

  • No fuel tanks, fuel lines, pressure gauges or pumps allowed in cabs. All hydraulic lines in cab must be shielded top and sides with a minimum of .060 aluminum.

  • All air or hydraulic suspension systems cannot have hydraulic, air, or electric lines attached to these devices during competition.

  • Hitch 30%-36% of wheel base.

  • Hitch Height is 26"

All safety equipment is required as stated in General Rules

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