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Safety & General Rules

Sa​fety Rules




Failure to have safety equipment will result in disqualification

  • No nitrous, all components must be removed.
  • Pump gas or racing gas only. No alcohol or nitro permitted.
  • Drive shaft loops, u-joint shields, SPECS ALUMINUM MIN. 5/16" AND STEEL 1/4" THICK, u-joint shields min. 6" long (MINIMUM OF 1 LOOP ON FRONT SHAFT AND 2 ON REAR SHAFT REQUIRED). Note: all u-joints must be shielded w/ the exception of front out put if it is protected by cross member.
  • Manual transmissions must have a blow proof bell housing. Automatic transmissions must have a complete transmission blanket or a blow proof bell with transmission tunnel shield the full length of the transmission.
  • Working kill switch, back up or neutral light required.
  • Required fire safety, every truck must have a working fire extinguisher within reach of driver inside of cab. Drivers are required to wear a sfi helmet, fire jacket, jeans and leather boots.
  • Light on kill switch – must be located in the rear center of the truck within 6” of the center of the hitch. Preferably on the right side.
  • A covered bed or tonneau cover must be present on all trucks in all classes.

    All trucks are required to provide their own fire extinguisher on the truck and have within reach.

  • General Procedures

    • Any competitor or crew-member attempting to sway the decision of any official, by talking to the official, sled operator, or the promoter, is subject to disqualification from that class.
    • When a truck is under the green flag, no one is allowed on the track except for track officials.


    A. Pulls will be operated with two (2) flagmen per track.

    B. Starting flagmen shall be responsible for readiness of track, pulling truck and competitor.

    C. Second flagmen shall be responsible for balance of course.

    D. The same flagmen shall work for an entire class to assure consistency and equal treatment for all competitors in that class.

    The COTPC LLC will run all pulls as a floating finish. There will not be a pull-off.

    Any unsportsmanlike conduct and/or language on the track, pit area or on social media is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.

    COTPC LLC representatives will reserve the right to interpret any and all rules. New rules may be adopted during a pulling season at any time to promote safety or the benefit of the sport.

    Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle or contestant, or ask for truck to reweigh at any time.

    All vehicles are subject to inspection randomly during the season.

    Points are not transferable if the vehicle is sold.

    All drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license or have written permission from parents turned in with membership fee.

    All trucks with the registered driver will weigh in before pulling. COTPC LLC representatives may inspect or re-weigh the truck and driver at any time. No adjustments may be made to the truck after weigh-in and hitch height check are complete.

    A. The top paid pullers can be asked to weigh-out at the end of the pull

    B. The same person who weighs the truck is the same person to drive it.

    C. Bags of Ice must weigh in with the trucks – either on weight box or in bed.

    No nitrous oxide, nitro methane, alcohol or pressurized fuel allowed. Oxygenated fuel allowed (with the exception of RWYB class).

    Events are open to any four-wheel truck - NO membership is required to pull. Must follow all safety regulations

    Participants must be a member of COTPC LLC in order to collect points (Details are listed at the top of this page)

    Once a participant has hooked to the sled, he will not be refunded entry fee money.

    Competitors will earn no points if entry fee is refunded.

    No riders shall be allowed in the truck when towed, driven or hooked to sled.

    A covered bed or tonneau cover must be present on all trucks in all classes.

    All trucks are required to provide their own fire extinguisher on the truck and have within reach.

    Drivers must stay within 20ft of the truck until it is teched. Hoods open and ready for tech official.

    Contest Procedures

    • All pulls must start with tight chain

     Each competitor will be allowed two attempts to make a measurable pull.

    A. An attempt is defined as moving the sled a measurable distance (one inch or farther)

    B. On the first attempt, if the competitor lets off on the throttle before going 100 feet, said competitor will get a second attempt, even if the competitor goes beyond the 100 foot mark will be pulled back for 2nd attempt.

    Note: Intent is for driver not slam on brakes to stop before 100-foot mark (or any time), but come to a smooth, safe stop.

    Jerking of the sled to cause slack in the chain will be grounds for disqualification.

    Each competitor has the privilege of, and the responsibility for, spotting the sled for both of their attempts.

    A. Pull back tractor/sled operator must be notified of where competitor wishes the sled placed.

    B. Use of crew member is recommended to expedite the show.

    Pulling vehicles must remain within boundaries of the contest course during a pull.

    If a vehicle is legal when hooked to the sled and breakage occurs while under green flag, the pull will be measured.

    Any truck that hooks to the sled and makes a measurable pull shall be considered to have made an official hook even if the sled is reset and the truck cannot hook and receive last place hook points. Measurable distance is defined as the truck must tighten the chain under its own power.

    Class Restart Procedures

    If the class is restarted, all competitors having pulled previously have the following options:

    A. May hook immediately

    B. May drop six (6) positions.

    C. Can NOT drop to last!

    Note: Competitor must alert the track official of their decision.

    On any re-pull caused by contest malfunction, the competitor may either re-hook immediately or may drop six (6) positions.

    Competitor must pull at position drawn within two (2) minutes of time sled is ready. Delay will mean disqualification. If track official is notified prior to competitor’s time slot, they will drop the competitor six (6) positions. This will constitute one of the competitor’s two attempts. A competitor may do this only once per class.

    Competitor will be able to drop six (6) positions if breakage occurs on their first attempt and they did not go past 100 feet. Still have one attempt remaining.

    Test Pull Options

    1. The competitor pulling in first position as determined by draw at time of entry is considered the test puller.

    A. Competitor may take their first pull, provided the weight transfer is deemed right, OR

    B. Competitor may immediately take their second pull, OR

    C. Competitor may drop and pull in the sixth position.

    D. Competitor may drop and pull in last position.

    Note: The sixth position is defined as the position immediately following the next five (5) scheduled competitors and their attempts.

    The “running out of bounds” disqualification rule still applies.

    If the weight transfer needs further adjustment, the competitor immediately following each adjustment will be considered “the test puller”.

    Tie Breaker at the Event

    • In the unlikely event (again) that two competitors pull the exact same distance at the same event there will be a pull-off at the end of the class. All distances are measured three places out and all 3 numbers must be exact for this to occur.

    Inclement Weather

    • In the event of inclement weather, purse shall be paid in all completed classes. 
    • In classes started, but not completed, the purse will be paid to those that hooked according to the results. 
    • Those that did not hook will receive a refund of entry fees if they return their number sheet to the entry table before the entry table is closed for the evening. Each pull the promoters provide the entry fee start-up cash. If you do not return your number sheet before that money is given back to the promoters you will forfeit it. It can not be saved for the next pull.

    No points awarded if the event is rained out to any classes not run. 

    10 hook points to all competitors ran if the class rained out before it was finished.

    The officials at the event (promoter, event director, and head track official) shall determine if and when an event will be stopped because of inclement weather or track conditions.

    If a session is cancelled prior to start time, competitors will receive refund of paid entry fees, but no other compensation.

    Any class not completed for any other reason will be treated as a rained-out class.

    Causes for Disqualification

    **Any disqualification points will NOT be considered a dropped point**

     Vehicle will receive only hook points (10 points) when:

    While under the green flag:

    Loses ballast weight

    Loses safety equipment and failure of safety equipment to function.

    Excessive loss of liquid onto the track by a pulling vehicle while hooked to the sled.

    Note: Excessive is defined as any steady or intermittent stream discharged onto the track, or a spot equivalent to more than eight (8) inches in diameter.

    Vehicle will receive no points when:

    • Intoxication - any competitor or any member of their crew under the influence of an intoxicating agent, drug, or having a measurable blood alcohol content during contest activities shall be considered under the influence and will be barred from any further involvement or participation in the event.
    • Any competitor or member of their crew who exhibits unprofessional and/or unsportsmanlike conduct including abusive language and/or physical action toward event officials, fellow competitors or spectators and/or deliberate delay of event will cause disqualification from that event. Unsportsmanlike conduct, improper language or conduct detrimental to pulling.
    • Illegal equipment, illegal fuel and competing without proper fire protection.
    • Unsafe operation of competition vehicle. 
    • Leaving the starting line while under the red flag
    • Anyone who knowingly tampers with a vehicle could be permanently suspended
    • Any competitor does not have any safety equipment
    • Going out of bounds

    Points & Awards Procedures


    • Points will be awarded based on the finish position of the truck that is a paid COTPC member.
    • Any puller not a member will be pulled from the finish position before points are awarded. 

    The following point system will be used for the COTPC LLC points:

    1st Place =26 points

    2nd Place = 24 points

    3rd Place = 22 points

    4th Place = 20 points

    5th Place = 18 points

    6th Place = 16 points

    7th Place = 14 points

    8th Place = 12 points

    9th Place and on = 10 points

    All points are awarded to the vehicle, and not the driver. Must have their COTPC LLC number on the entry form. Failure to do so will result in no points for that truck. **This WILL be ENFORCED**

    Abuse of the COTPC LLC passes will result in revocation of the pass for the remainder of the season.

    Award/End of Year Procedures

    • End of the year award money will go to the top 5 points winners in each class

    • 100% of all sponsorship money and sanctioning fees ($100 per class from promotors) collected will be awarded to the top 5 winners in each class and broken down in the following percentage: 

    1st Place = 38% of total

    2nd Place = 23% of total

    3rd Place = 18% of total

    4th place = 13% of total

    5th place = 8% of total

    For example: If $3000 is given in sponsor money and and $1200 in sanctioning fees are collected the total of $4200 is divided out with the above percentages. First place winner will receive $1596. Second place winner will receive $966. Third place winner will receive $756. Fourth place winner will receive $546. Fifth place will receive $336. 

    End of the year points pay-out will be determined after the pulls have been completed - Subject to rain-outs and/or cancellations. 

    Sponsorship money will not be returned mid-season to a sponsor. 


    Lowest point will be dropped only if a class has 10 more hooks. If the class only had 9 points hooks, then no points will be dropped - all 9 will count.

    Drop points will be determined at the end of the season.

    The lowest point will be dropped from the final total. For example if the puller has all 26 points, then one 26 will be removed - if a puller has a zero, then the zero will be removed. DQ's will not be counted as a drop.   

    End of Season Tie Breakers

    If the end of the season points race results in a tie, the following formula will be used to break the tie:

    • Ties will be broken by using the greatest number of 1st place finishes at events counting toward that position. 

    • If a tie still exists, second place finishes, third place finishes, etc, will be counted until the tie is broken. 

    Event Procedures & Requirements

    Entry Procedures

    Upon arrival at the event, go to the COTPC LLC entry site designated to enter competitors

    The truck must compete in a class at the event before the truck may receive hook points, place points, or purse money.

    A truck may be entered in more than one class, but only once in each class

    A competitor’s pulling position will be determined by draw at time of entry.

    • Each competitor will have 2 numbers drawn from the bingo cage and can choose between the 2 numbers.
    • If a competitor breaks on a previous class and cannot make pull order in the next class or session, the competitor may ask the track official or competition director whether or not to allow the competitor to drop positions.

    Withdrawal (scratch)

    • To scratch a truck and receive full refund of entry fee, the competitor is required to notify the entry official of their withdrawal prior to the start of the class

    If a competitor scratches from a class prior to the start of the class, that competitor will receive the entry fee back. However, if the competitor does not officially scratch prior to the start of the class, the competitor will forfeit the entry fee.

    Once a competitor has scratched from a class, that competitor may not re-enter that class for that session.

    Vehicle Operations

    • Pulling vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times within the confines of the track, pits and staging areas. Event officials have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.

    • Driver must remain seated while the truck is under the green flag and must have complete control of the truck at all times.

    • All pulls must start with a tight chain. No jerking or yanking of the sled. Once the slack has been taken out of the chain, you cannot back up and jerk the sled. Once the sled has stopped, the pull is over.

    • Attempting to pull under a red flag will result in disqualification. The flagman will cue the start of each pull by displaying the green flag. When the red flag is displayed, you must stop. Any attempt to continue to pull under a red flag will result in disqualification.

    • Each contestant may spot the sled before the pull. Contestant must notify a track official or sled operator before the sled backs to the starting line.

    Clothing & Apparel

    • Each member of the competitor’s crew must be properly attired when present in the staging or competition area.

    • Shoes are mandatory

    • Tank tops or bare torsos are not acceptable in the staging or competition area

    • Fire jackets and long pants (no shorts) are required in all classes. Fire pants are recommended. If caught not wearing protective fire gear by flag person while hooking to the sled -  1st offense is a verbal warning - 2nd offense is disqualification.

    Tech Area Procedure/Tech Official

    • There will be a designated area set up by the Pull Track Officials as a teching area where all vehicles will be teched
    • The tech official's decisions are final at the event
    • The tech official has the right to determine the legality of the truck at any time

    The tech official has the right to make all the decisions regarding these rules

    The tech official has the right to open the hood or any panel at any time or make any visual or audible decision

    The tech official does not need to hold any certification of any kind to perform any test or make any decision

    Adhere to the tech official at all times

    Tech official's decision is final at the track

    Must stay within 20ft of the truck until it is teched. Hoods must be open and ready for tech official

    Being illegal is anything that is a performance violation: 

    If caught being illegal you will lose your points and money for that event.

    If caught a second time you will lose money and points and be banned from the next 2 pulls.

    If caught a third time will result in banned for the remainder of the season. 

    If caught with nitrous and/or over cubic inch will result in disqualification for one (1) year and a day from the violation

    Protest Procedure

    • A protest may be made prior to or following a pull
    • A fee of $200 for Gas Trucks and $400 for Diesel Trucks
    • If protest is found true the protestor will receive $150 for Gas and $250 for Diesel

    If protest is found false the protested will receive $150 for Gas and $250 for Diesel

    ($50 for Gas Trucks and $150 Diesel Trucks will be kept by the tech official)

    Truck Rules & Procedures

    All class rules can be found in the drop down menu at the top of this page. Each class will have it's own page. 


    • All hitches will be minimum 3 ¾ inches long and a minimum 3.5 inches wide at the hook point. Lateral thickness of the hitch will be max 1 ½ inch minimum and 1 inch of cross-sectional thickness

    • No twisted clevises

    • All hitches will be checked with a legal COTPC LLC stand

    • Hitches must be rigid in all directions

    • Clevis needs to be welded

    Infraction of General Rules

    Any infraction of any of the outlined general rules will result in a loss of 26 points at the end of the season for the first offense. For the second offense you will be dismissed from the organization for one year plus one day. 


    Uniform Pull Order (Subject to Change)

    • 8000# Workstock Diesel – 24” hitch

    • 6200# Light Pro Gas – 24” hitch

    • 8000# Light Pro Stock Diesel (2.6) – 24” hitch

    • 6350# Modified – 26” hitch

    • 8000# Limited Pro Stock Diesel (3.0) – 26” hitch

    • 6500# Pro Stock Gas – 24” hitch

    • 8000# RWYB – 26” hitch




    2023 Board of Directors




    Chairmen: Dennis Long (co-owner)

    Vice Chairmen: Clyde Ohnewehr

    Secretary/Treasurer: Bridgett Shoemaker (co-owner)

    Head of Tech: Gavin Knisley

    Gary Chambers

    Cy Cupp

    James Etgen

    Ronnie Hall

    Darrell Little

    Mike Snyder

    Ryan Wilson

    Nick Zaenkert


    Ge​neral Rules

    Annual Dues/Payment of Dues

    The annual dues for pullers who want to collect points throughout the season is $125 per year. 

    Points will not be awarded until entry fee is paid. Pullers do not need to be a member of COTPC to hook with us, but the truck MUST meet all safety rules listed above. This button will take you to the Membership Information page. 

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