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6500# Limited Street Gas

  • No gutting of the truck, this includes firewalls, floor pans, bed floors/bed inner structure and insides of fenders etc, all interior must be in place, exterior lights must work.

  • Factory glass and working windows only. No plastic or lexan type windows.

  • Must have rear bumper or roll pan.

  • Must have OEM front bumper mounted in the factory location. An OEM direct replacement, such as an OEM style bumper from LMC is acceptable. No aftermarket road armor type bumpers or pipe bumpers.

  • Sled stops required.

  • Hydraulic steering is allowed with a maximum hydraulic fluid reservoir size of 3 quarts.

  • Maximum of 2 operational batteries allowed and only 2 batteries allowed under the hood in stock locations.

  • All trucks must have electronic kill switch hooked to the sled.

  • All trucks must have a working fire extinguisher on board and within drivers reach.

  • Must have a working light mounted above the hitch of the truck.

Engine, Ignition & Fuel

  • Engine must match the make of truck and be in stock location.

  • 496 Cubic inch limit will be enforced.

  • OEM cast iron heads and block unless factory equipped.

  • No raised runner type heads. Ports must be in stock location. No grinding of the rocker arm valley or casting numbers.

  • Aluminum intakes permitted, must appear box stock from the outside. Porting inside is allowed. No cutting in half to port and weld, or flange the intake halves back together. No plenum changes or alterations are allowed to be made. No sheet metal or tunnel ram style intakes.

  • Single 4150 carb, Holley or Edelbrock, etc., must have full height choke tower. No aftermarket big two barrels. No dominator or single butterfly style carbs (SV1, Predator, etc.). There will be no modifying or altering of carb body. Carb center body must be cast, no billet replacements allowed. No boring of the venturis allowed. Fuel injection must be OEM for that year of vehicle. No aftermarket fuel injection of any kind. If using OEM fuel injection, you must run the OEM throttle body, intake, and fuel rails with a factory style MAF sensor.

  • Maximum 2" carb spacer.

  • Must have belt driven alternator. Water pump and fans may be electric.

  • No vacuum pumps or dry sumps.

  • No turbo's, super chargers, injectables (nitrous oxide, methanol, etc.), or fuel injection unless factory equipped for that truck.

  • Headers permitted, but must be in the frame with mufflers that exit behind back of cab. Turn downs or turn outs are not allowed.

  • Multi spark ignition boxes allowed, maximum of MSD 6AL box and a Blaster 2 coil. Must run a stock style distributor. No magnetos, crank triggers or front drive distributor conversions.

  • Pump GAS or race gas only. No alcohol, nitromethane, E85, or other ethanol blends.

  • Fuel tanks must be in stock location or in the bed. Fuel cells permitted.

  • Radiators must flow coolant.

  • If engine came factory with coil packs, you must run stock style coil pack. No adding a distributor.

Chassis & Driveline

  • OEM chassis 1 ton or less. Frame must match the make of the truck body. No tube chassis.

  • 1 ton or less driveline, must have U joint shields covering all U joints. The only exception to this would be the front driveshaft on the transfer case output yoke if it is shielded by the cross member. Shields must be 6" long, 1/4" thick if made of steel, 3/8" thick if made of aluminum. Rear driveshaft also requires 2 rings between u joint shields. Rings and u joint shields need to be one connected assembly. If driveshaft breaks and u joint shields or driveshaft cage detaches from truck, truck will be disqualified.

  • No aftermarket 3 speed trannies allowed.

  • Must have 4-wheel brakes.

  • Automatic transmission blankets or blow proof bell housings are required.

  • 33"x 13.50 max DOT tires. No dual tires. Absolutely no tire modifications allowed. This includes grinding, sharpening, siping, etc. 


  • Traction bars permitted but must be bolted at all connection points on the frame and the housings with a maximum of 4 total points of contact on the frame. Only bracketry to bolt them on with may be welded. Bars must be a matching left and right free floating/pivoting pair. No single center mount type bars or pinion snubber type devices permitted. No traction bars/frame bracing bars are to be attached to or touch the hitch in anyway. All bars need at least one tether strap towards the front of the bar to prevent it from sticking into the dirt in the event of failure.

  • No front 4 link suspensions or coil over shocks unless factory equipped. If retaining a factory coil spring setup, you must use the factory coil spring, 4 link arms and shock type. No AFCO or drag race type coil shocks permitted. Acceptable shocks (OEM Replacement, Rancho RS9000). Max of 2 per side. No leaf spring/coil hybrid style setups.

  • Must have OEM style rear suspension, leaf springs must have functioning shackles.

  • Frame bracing permitted. Internal bracing or boxing permitted. No external bracing allowed, ex. Welded frame trusses or the like.

  • Suspension blocks permitted, must be easily removed.

  • Must have Reese style hitch with a slide in receiver tube. Absolutely no part of the hitch can be any farther forward than 20" back from the centerline of the rear axle. This includes any sort of hitch mounts, adjuster mounts, link bars, or weld in cross members tied to the hitch or any mounting points the hitch or adjuster bars may be tied to. Hitch can be mounted to the bottom of the frame rails or inside of the frame rails with no part of the hitch being above the tops of the frame rails. The receiver tube for the draw bar must be parallel with the frame rails. The drawbar plate can be angled. No twist clevises. Must be able to accept sled hook with a 3"x 3 3/4" opening. Hook point must be a minimum of 42" to where the chain pulls against from the center of the rear axle. The hitch must be stationary in all directions with no up and down or side to side movement.

  • Max hitch height of 22"

  • NO hanging or hidden weight permitted. This includes weight bars or snow plows and mounts. ALL ballast must be located in the bed. Absolutely no loaded front frame rails (this includes excessive plating or boxing with unnecessary thick metal), core supports, battery boxes, bumpers, etc. No filling the radiator with lead, concrete, etc. No weights allowed in the cab. Any hidden ballast found will result in a DQ for that pull and a 3 pull suspension.

All safety equipment is required as stated in General Rules

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